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For more than 40 years, Zam Zam Farms has been entrusted with the stewardship of some of the most beautiful and verdant land in Pakistan.

Our primary mission is to actively manage this land using renewable and sustainable resources to not only enhance its value but more importantly, provide a livelihood for the families whose ancestors have served this land for centuries.

Zam Zam Farms prides itself on providing healthy, nutrient dense foods, free of pesticides and artificial hormones to clients who value the time and expense quality nutrition entails. Our mission is to educate our clients about safer agricultural practices as we provide these superior foods for the benefit of their friends and families. Our goal is to fulfill our purpose and accomplish our mission profitably, with a commitment to excellence and integrity, in such a way that Zam Zam Farms becomes a sustainable model for future generations.

Our commitment to sustainable development leads us toward innovating and dynamically managing our agricultural resources for the future. For this, we utilize technologies that do not harm the environment and the precious gifts of nature. Furthermore, we conduct our business with the firm belief that protecting the environment is our paramount concern for the future generations.

A Philosophy to Be Proud Of

We believe in conducting our business with a zeal and manner that we are proud of. We aim to be profitable but only if it involves an environmentally aware approach balancing our economical farming practices in harmony with the countryside.

Our respect for our land causes us to recognize that major portions of it should remain as we inherited it, preserved and-where appropriate, improved-for future generations because of its environmental sensitivity, value for recreational use, or as planned aesthetic relief from surrounding development. In this sense, the case for conservation will always be a consideration given equal status to competing land uses

Our high regard for sustainable development is the core driving force for innovation. We constantly experiment with newer, more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and practices to ensure that the land maintains its growth but is never harmed in the process. These guiding principles run through all of our business practices and we strive to make our farming partners and clients proud of our work too.

A History in Farming

The Usman family has been farming since the 1960’s. We have been involved in arable and estate management and have tried to keep at the forefront of technology and the demands of the industry. We therefore have a wealth of experience in all rural matters and are adapting our methods to suit the changing demands of the 21st century.

Our current harvest includes some of the most unique and diverse fruit and vegetables indigenous to this region. We pride ourselves on using sustainable methods of agriculture, focusing on quality not quantity. Each piece of hand-picked Zam Zam Farm fruit or vegetable reflects the most advanced and beneficial farming methods for you and your loved ones.

The Usman family farming business is run both as a company (Zam Zam Farms) and as a partnership (Usman Farm Partners). We are a diverse company who can offer a wide range of farming and storage solutions as well as access to innovative supply chain purchasing.

Modern Farming Methods

Zam Zam Farms employs the modern drip irrigation systems. The list of the benefits of using drips irrigation over hand watering or flooding applies both to plants and farmers.

Drip Irrigation is the need of the hour as world water resources are fast diminishing. Moreover for scientific agriculture and modern farming systems, Drip Irrigation System plays as a major component for efficient use of water. The Drip Irrigation System is a gift for dry land cultivation where a lack of water and a rising saltwater table are major hindrances.

A drip system:

  • Saves water — we have experienced up to a 50% reduction when using a properly installed and maintained drip irrigation system.
  • Avoids randomly watering your plants (and the weeds).
  • Targets the exact area where you want the water (for example, the roots) and allows you to deliver it at the exact time you wish (using a timer).
  • Easy to install, service and maintain.
  • Delivers water without creating an overly moist environment avoiding fungal diseases.
  • Adapts easily to changes in landscape. Systems can be used for containers, raised beds, vegetable rows or balconies. Drip irrigation can circle a tree or shrub at the drip line.
  • Reduces erosion on slopes.
  • Improves water-holding capacity in sandy soils.


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